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Let's be friends. 

I am a published author and my work includes two National best sellers--Holy Hot Mess, 2021 and Crazy Joy, 2022. Outside of the book, I regularly write and create videos for social media--where my work has received national recognition, awards, and even landed me an in-person interview with Ellen. (It was the Christmas episode that gives out presents, and I still can't believe this is my life).

I'm a cancer survivor, a mental health activist, and an LGBTQIA affirming Christian. Also, I regularly speak about surviving childhood sexual abuse (CSA), and recently partnered with the National Children's Advocacy Center to raise awareness on CSA related issues.

I lead an online community of millions and they are the greatest audience that's ever existed. They are generous, funny, and kind, and the only reason I still do the whole Facebook thing--because let's be honest, that place is a mess these days. I love in-person events and have spoken all over the USA. My audience supported charity, Moving Kindness, raised half a million dollars for various causes in 2022/2023.

The fun stuff?

I'm a living kidney donor, I'm obsessed with Broadway, I'm a mother of two freaking-hilarious children, my comfort food is PB&Js, and I would rather spend time in NYC than anywhere else in the world. I've been married to Ian, my college sweetheart, for 16 years. We got a married young, dumb, and poor and our love has been life's greatest adventure.

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